Acoustic EP

by Frown

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released February 13, 2015

Recorded by Graeme Watt at Seagate Studio, Dundee in January 2015.

Frown are;

David Bryceland: Vocals and Guitar
Jamie Hain: Bass guitar
Michael Szeremet: Drums
Kevin Thomson: Vocals and Guitar

(Morgan Nicol)

released 13 February 2015



all rights reserved


Frown Dundee, UK

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Track Name: Cold Season
and i wait for june suns as i hope for heaven
feeling the heavy wait that alienated me
where does this lonely road go
as it makes us grow old
i swear the trees stand strong
why does this feel so wrong
i will cut that ladder up to your window
saturate the soil let the water run
i walk home alone
nothing burns like the cold
from the inside out
the things at our doorstep
that keeps us from
now i dread the summer suns
sometimes i want back in
where i thought i left
the frozen season
but these bones aren't meant to rust
when the thaw comes
Track Name: A Broken Man
I've got to get it out my head
someone is going to end up hurt
and i know there will be regret
you've got to take it all away
all these selfish thoughts and messed up words
that are only going to bring me pain
i need to resolve this today
i don't know how much more
of this i can take anyway
it feels like a ticking in my brain
i know i've got to get a grip on this
before i go insane
torn between the east side and the west
my head is giving me some directions
but my heart makes up the rest
i know i've got to make a choice
before i become a broken man
Track Name: American Werewolf
when i used to leave you waiting long enough
standing on a wall outside of your favourite shop
how it was like the first time we had met
a navy child battle creek michigan
and it's a tuesday that brakes my heart
to see you down my flowers are not resurrections
my tears are pure sadness
i drowned in loneliness
i see the pain in your eyes
empty diamonds
and your dying in our home
in my arms in a place your left alone
now i change with every sun that awakes
and she is all i ever known
all i want for us is to get back
to me and you all the thoughts
that i hold onto is all i have left
Track Name: Under Hot Sun
flood memories with a smile
i can taste the silence
as it slowly drips in my mind
the playground from school
where you felt it for the first time
that was me the concrete cutting your knees
but i am still here
i hate the way that you talk about me
but i can't wait to see your face
the first movement of your heart
palpitations sync with instrument
beating in time
when we're alone
this cold feeling is best
remembered under hot sun